Meet our pin up professors and guest teachers at Brooklyn Pin Up School...

Renee DiDio


- - -


After working in film and fashion as a makeup artist and stylist for nearly two decades, Renee went on to open the neo-vintage and pin up shopping haven, SlapBack.  An avid vintage dresser since she was a teenager, Renee is an aficionado in retro style and fashion.  Renee specializes in brows & makeup, fashion and styling.

Reviews of our classes...

Anna Patin


- - -


Since opening her pin up photography studio, Lucy La Riot, Anna has been turning girls next door into retro bombshells on the regular.  Her studio is a one-woman show where she does hair, makeup, photography and retouching.  Anna loves to teach easy ways to make a daily pin up look achievable and fun, and specializes in all things hair, lingerie, and photo shoots.

"What a great idea!  To be able to learn about makeup by actually watching a professional do it, and then practicing on ourself, with their help, is just, such a  great idea!  I learned a great deal from the class, and went from makeup-for-special-events kind of gal to an everyday pin up girl!  Plus, awesome pictures at the end when you're looking pretty with a fabulous wardrobe and prop assortment!"

- Tara Rizzi


"Ladies, Throwback Thursday is not the only thing going on anymore. How would you like to channel your inner Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page? That's what I was able to do at the Brooklyn Pin Up School. The class was about 8 ladies who went in normal and came out bombshells. We learned how to do our hair and make up a la 'Pin up Style'. Then we had a great time complementing each other while trying on outfits and taking exquisite photos. It was a wonderfully entertaining time and with more practice, I will get those victory rolls perfect. Thanks to the ladies at SlapBack and Lucy La Riot for creating masterpieces."

- Liza Perez

Julie Mollo


- - -


Best known as the creator of Katy Perry's iconic fruit-inspired ensembles, fashion designer Julie Mollo is the go-to stylist for pop-stars, rockstars, party girls and prom queens looking to make a fun and flirty statement.  Her witty, inventive take on retro fashion guarantees a standout look in a sea of similarity.  Julie specializes in fashion design, styling, closet makeovers, and teaches Fashion Fundamentals & a DIY Accessory Workshop at Brooklyn Pin Up School.



Check out our guest teachers...


They are the best-of-the-best in their specialities, head over to our schedule page to see when they'll be at Brooklyn Pin Up School!

Erica Rosalind Paul


- - -


One half of the dynamic duo behind Dirty Dolls Lingerie, and former Playboy design director of intimate apparel, Erica Rosalind Paul knows a thing or two about pin up girls and The Golden Age of Hollywood.  Erica is a collector of vintage Playboys and all things cheesecake, and teaches History of the Pin Up at Brooklyn Pin Up School.



Tina Tassels


- - -


Hailing from New Jersey, Tina Tassels, The Girl with Big Hips and Big Dreams, followed her love for the stage to New York City.  Through classic burlesque and a personal blog, Tina has become a well-known voice for body positivity and self-love.  Tina teaches a Body Positivity & Self-Love Workshop at Brooklyn Pin Up School.


Miss Rockabilly Ruby


- - -


Miss Ruby is an experienced hair stylist, makeup artist, and published model out of Los Angeles, CA.  She specializes in retro and vintage styles and creates increasingly popular web hair tutorials.  She has nearly 10 years of experience under her belt and teaches special advanced hair classes at Brooklyn Pin Up School.


Tony Medina (His Vintage Touch)


- - -


Tony Medina is Los Angeles' premiere hair sculptor who entered the world of hairdressing at the young age of 12.  He has since perfected his trademark look and branded his business as "His Vintage Touch." Tony has created a new look along the lines of vintage and modern hair, that are recognizable on anyone who wears his work.  Tony teaches special advanced hair classes at Brooklyn Pin Up School.


Jasmin Rodriguez (Vintage Vandalizm)


- - -


Jasmin Rodriguez is also known as "Vintage Vandalizm" as everything she represents is a marriage of timeless vintage beauty and the gritty rawness of New York City.  Inspired by the 1950's and the 1980's, Jasmin has been able to create a pinup style all her own.  She believes that fashion should be timeless and that self expression should be fun, which is why she started her fashion blog, Vintage Vandalizm.  Jasmin teaches "Pinup Style in a New York Minute" at Brooklyn Pin Up School.